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One of the Basic necessity in life is being educated and before one can be educated, he or she has to go through classrooms, but children of school going age at Asem Asa in the Assorko – Essaman Electoral Area in the Shama District of the Western Region do not have a school in the community.

Asem Asa community has its inhabitant being peasant farmers with children population of over three hundred does not have a school building, let alone a classroom block.

Since the inception of the town about sixty years ago, the people have not been able to construct a classroom block to educate their children to be responsible citizens in future.

The children in the community pronounced that, they have to walk miles away from their community to the school in the nearby town.
They said that, sometimes, when they get to school lessons have already started, making them lack behind in academics.

In an interview, one of the children Majid Mustapha said, on their way to school, they sometimes meets wild animals like snakes or most at times they are being kidnapped by unknown persons.
Mustapha said, the distance from their community to the next community is far and most a time, they return back home or at other times, they stay someone to play.

Some of them complained bitterly saying, sometimes they lack behind at school because they have to walk a distance away from their community to the nearest community to school.
According to one of the children, on their way to school they walk through bushy areas making them sometimes afraid to continue their journey to school.

Other children also said, sometimes they take monies from their parents but hide somewhere to play until school is over and go home with their friends. The children are really worried for their future as they see no future for them because they limit their time at school for fear of getting home late.

The care taker of Asem Asa No. 2 community, Nana Efrimu Kuma said, it worries him a lot that, children in the community finds it difficult to get access to schooling and quality education.
He said, there is a plot allocated for the construction of a school for the children but efforts to get funds for the project have become a problem as there is no one to help them.

Nana Efrimu Kuma said, education is the best legacy the elders of the community can give to the children, but all efforts to get the Assembly and the government to help have proved futile.
He has therefore pleaded for support to help construct classroom blocks for them.

The children have therefore pleaded with the Ministry of Education, benevolent societies, and the government to come to their aid.

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