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Before a community develops, it needs some social amenities like recreational center, school, hospital, and a well-furnished market center but, the people of Asem Asa No. 2 in the Shama District of the Western Region lacks it.

Asem Asa No.2 is a farming community with a population of about one thousand.
History has it that, the people originated from Yabiw also in the Shama District as a result of disagreement of a school built by the Catholic Church, between the Methodist and the Roman Catholic in the year 1957.

The people of Asem Asa were led by the Catholic priest to their present settlement in the year 1958, and it derived it name from the disagreement they had which they solved it by the name Asem Asa.

The community was first called Enukuma and belonged to some of the people from Yabiw, but due to the disagreement, the Priest spoke with the owners of the Present Asem Asa land to plead with them for the land.

Asem Asa has only one church, which is the Roman Catholic Church.
The caretaker of Asem Asa No. 2, Nana Efrimu kuma said, the community lacks developmental projects like school, clinic, places of convenience, community library, refuse disposal, motorable roads, and electricity extension,.

Nana Efrimu Kuma said, efforts to get the Assembly Member to help them get a developmental project have proved futile, adding that, they have been to the Shama District Assembly but have yielded no results.

Speaking about their place of convenience, he said, the community has only one place of convenience which is even in a deplorable state and needs urgent renovations, lamenting that, it was built five years ago and it’s even getting full.

When we visited the place, the place of convenience is at the outskirt of the town making it dangerous for the children to visit the place at night for fear of getting bitten by an animal.

Touching on the health of his people, Nana Efrium Kuma said, Asem Asa No. 2 do not have a clinic left alone a CHPs compound to boast about.
He said, whenever there is a critical condition, the person is sent to the nearby town, Assorko- Essaman, for medical attention, and there is no streetlight in the community, and every evening, residents fear to go out because they are afraid someone will kidnap or even kill them.

According to Nana Efrium Kuma, the whole community depends on a two phase transformer, which he said is not enough for them and does not satisfy them, as gradually they are expanding in terms of population and building.

Nana Efrimu Kuma noted that , ‘’we have tried everything in our power to get some projects but our Assembly Member is not helping us at all because, he is not a native of Asem Asa and we the people of Asem Asa have vowed to find any means possible to help ourselves since, it’s like we have been abandoned by the government and our Assembly Member’’.

According to him, there is no market center in the town and whenever their farm products are ready there have to take it to the Beposo market to be sold.
Nana Efrimu Kuma said, the women complain a lot because sometimes, their foodstuffs go bad and even at times, there is no buyer to purchase their foodstuff which makes them go at a loss.

The Unit Committee Member for Asem Asa No. 2, Matthew Awortwe Sam in an interview said, the community has only one standing pipe which does not flow well and even said, for almost a week now the tap has stopped flowing, adding that, the people have to walk miles away to get water for domestic use.

He has therefore appealed to the new administration to come to their aid and help them develop their communities.
Another Unit Committee Member, Justice, who did not mince words spoke about their unmotorable roads linking their community to the surrounding communities, which he said is nothing to write home about.

Justice says, since Dr. Nkrumah’s time that he constructed the roads for them nothing has been done about it, adding that, drivers refuse to ply the road since the road has now turned in bushy and residents living in the community fear to ply the road saying, they fear snakes and bad persons might attack them.

He said, the road is really quite and children of school going age uses the route to the other town to attend school which is not safe for them.
According to Justice, the community do not have a dumping site, so dumps it refuse infront of the town, which is closer to the Accra- Takoradi highway, which he said does not augur well for them.

He appealed to the benevolent societies, the new administration and philanthropists to come and help them develop their community, since its development is at his heart.

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