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The Progressive People’s Party as part of its program to review reports from its recent research on why the party failed to win some of it targeted seats in the 2016 election have visited various constituency in the western region.

The National Chairman of the Progressive People’s Party, Nii Allottey Brew Hammond and the National Communications Officer Paa Kow Ackon during the weekend toured the western Region as part of their re-organisation tour to speak with the various constituency chairmen in the Region.

They were accompanied by the Regional Vice Chairman, Alex Lair. In Attendance was the Regional Secretary, Isaac Mensah, Organizer, Fiifi Ankrah, Regional Youth Organiser, Eric Seedorf Aseidu, Deputy Youth Organiser, Bright Nuamah.

Dr. Nii Allotey Brew Hammond and Paa Kow Ackon first visited the Shama Constituency where they met the entire executives and some members of the Progressive People’s Party, to discuss the 2016 General elections and the way forward for Agenda 2020 General elections.

Nii Allotey Brew Hammond who chaired the meeting, spoke about the essence of campaigning now and the importance of communication to the executives and members.
Paa Kow Ackon also urged them to make use of the Radio Stations in their vicinity to help the party.

At Takoradi, the Regional office, where the chairmen in the various constituency meet, Nii Allotey Brew Hammond spoke about information regarding the rebuilding of the party , promoting and marketing it.

Touching on the 2016 General elections, he said, the party did well than the 2012 elections and needs to get more members in the upcoming 2020 elections, Allotey Brew Hammond used the occasion to congratulate the Shama Constituency for their hard work towards and after the 2016 elections.

He said, the party have sat with the other smaller political parties to either coronate or emerge in the 2020 General elections, encouraging the chairmen to conduct underground investigations into their various constituencies to know the minds of the other smaller parties.

The Communications Director Paa Kow Ackon advised the chairmen to make good use of the Radio Stations nearer them to speak their mind on national issue and promote the PPP Party in order to help canvass votes for the 2020 elections.

Citing examples, he said, right after elections people ask whether the party has collapsed or still on its ground and for people to know the party still exist, they should use the medium to populate the party.

Paa know Ackon stated emphatically that, the Progressive People’ Party aim is to improve the well- being and development of the individual and the nation as well as the Flagbearer is a perfect example of work‘’Edwumawura’’.
He later told the executives to start campaigning for the 2020 elections.

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