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Paa Solo of Sibo Brothers cry out: 'Event organizers have neglected us'
Paa Solo of Sibo Brothers cry out: 'Event organizers have neglected us'

Many veteran highlife musicians in the country have expressed worry over how structures of the music industry have affected their career and left some of them penniless. Many of them aside these non-existent structures, have also been pushed down the ladder by modern technology and social media. While some for personal reasons don't want to associate themselves, promote or make use of social media platforms, others also don't have knowledge in the use of these platforms to the advantage of their career.

One of such popular highlife hit makers who has been affected by today's technology and trend of selling, marketing and promoting music is the 'Wo Gyedi Abedwa' hit maker Paa Solo, known in music circles as 'Okyeman Bob Marley'.

Paa went into oblivion and has resurface with his latest album 'Wo Se Wonpe', his 25th album that comes with 12 tracks.

Speaking in an interview on ATV Anopa Bosuo program, Paa expressed worry over how highlife musicians has been neglected by eventís organizers in the country. According to him, everything has shifted to hiplife, the youths and other genres only and this is affecting most veterans who are still recording.

"I don't understand why event promoters and organizers push all shows to the 'Kakai' kind of artist. There are equally good highlife musicians like myself, Adofo, Amakye Dede, Pat Thomas and a lot more that can fill any event center in the country. There are elderly or matured people out there who want to attend events that have artists like us but have been ignored or denied the opportunity. All attention have been shifted to the young age and it gradually affecting the highlife genre. Some of us still record but where do we make profits after we release our albums if all the shows in the country is about the young age? Now we don't sell CD anymore because of piracy and so if we are denied shows to then how do we survive?' he stated.

He further revealed that he is lucky to have his own band that he works with and also organizes pub events with but most of his colleagues don't have and also don't have any jobs aside music and this is making life very difficult for them.

"Just have a look again at the Christmas events we had in the country and look at the kind of artists they billed for these shows. How many of them had veteran musicians perform on them? Which event was specifically targeted at matured people that gives some of us the opportunity to entertain to them? Most of the events had same artists mixed with some foreign acts. I'm not saying is bad or shouldn't be done but veterans should be given equal opportunity' he added.

The singer also appeal to government to support the creative arts industry and make necessary measures to build better structures that will make stakeholders and musicians live a better life.

'If the government has any support, then it should push for proper structures so the individual musician or stakeholder can work and take care of himself. Besides giving out money for the welfare of musicians should be the responsibility of GHAMRO and not politicians or the president. If you give out money and the person gets into problem again then what happens? Comes to you for another fund? So I think we should work at our structures so we can all live better' he opined.

A little background of Paa Solo:

The name Paa Solo needs no introduction on the highlife music scene since it is a household one.

Paa Solo announced his presence on the music scene some 15 years ago when, together with his musical twin; Kennedy they turned the country upside down with their maiden album, 'Wo Gyedi Abedwa'.

The release of that album was the beginning of the fame of the two youngsters who were then the youngest of all musical personalities in the country.

Instantly, the two, who performed under the showbiz name 'Sibo Brothers' continued to enjoy high patronage.

After releasing two other albums, the two went their separate ways. Kennedy later managed to come out with album but went into oblivion and is yet to resurface. However, Paa Solo, known in music circles as 'Okyeman Bob Marley' continued to glow.

But, along the line, he went down the line until last year, when he released perhaps the best of all his albums entitled 'Sisi Na Adae Womu' which instantly catapulted him once again into the class of the music heavyweights in the country.

His classic combination with the man of the moment, Batman now Samini, indeed added to the perfect execution of the project, which was to bring him back to the top once again.

Everywhere one went in the country, be it a funeral, party, political event, in fact at every social gathering, the track gained prominence and local musical charts continued to rate it among the top brackets.

Now, Paa Solo is out once again with a new album. The new album, entitled 'Wo Se Wonpe'. The album continued to employ all the highlife trends he used to, to present a good account o himself.

The twelve-track album clearly shows Solo's love for rich highlife rhythms with a deviation from the usual adulterated rhythms intertwined with a mixture of pure traditional beats that came with good kicks and style.

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