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'The only way to achieve the best of your new year resolution is your commitment with God' - Rev. Mark Benyin
'The only way to achieve the best of your new year resolution is your commitment with God' - Rev. Mark Benyin

Rev. Mark Benyin of Apostles Continuation Church on ATV's Anopa Bosu on Thursday advised the public to present themselves to God to renew their commitments before making any written resolutions for the New Year.

According to him, making your New Year Resolution a reality is very important but you first need to show commitment with God and make available things you want to do for him (God) in the coming year. He said if we seek God first in our lives, God already has positive plans for us and will only respond to our new resolutions.

He also said that it is good to always access our lives. The question of 'what went wrong in your life in the year' and 'what went right' should always be answered. He said God decides on how we make good use of the opportunities he offered us.

"God makes changes in the life of everybody. But it is our duty to make good use of the opportunities and the doors God opens for us. We can make resolutions but God has the final say. Many people make resolutions but God cancels most of it. God always have very good plans for us and always doesn't want us to live our lives astray. Your resolutions should be positive and must not affect your relationship or commitment for God. If you do that, God cancels it. God only approves the positive resolutions that brings peace and blessing unto the lives of his children" he stated.

Rev. Benyin further reminded us that as people we only need to make plans and pray to God about them. He said before we do any written resolutions, one need to present himself to renew all commitment with God.

"God only respond to your new year resolutions depending on what or how we used the opportunities he offered us in the previous year. Now after making or writing down your resolutions, you need to make efforts to make them reality. Don't sleep on it. Make a spiritual and physical efforts towards them to achieve them. Our success mostly come from our spiritual efforts" he explained.

Bring his interview on ATV to a climax, he call on the general public to make time for God. He said people should concentrate on the things they can do for God than things they want to acquire or receive. He noted that the only way to make our resolutions a reality or achieve the best of our resolution is the spirit of God.

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